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Penguin Style – December 07′

Hey all, Lakitu here. Goo Mad has seem to forgotten to post this so its here late. Sorry bout that. 😆
The new and last clothing catalog for this year is out. Here’s what available:

New Items:
Victorian Jacket(650)
Victorian Dress(600)
Stocking Cap(200)
Long Johns(350)
Purple Suede Jacket(700)

Old Items:
Elf Hat(150)
Elf Suit(350)
Elf Shoes(170)

There is only one new background out. Christmas Tree background. The rest are older ones. The new pin is in the Coffee Shop. The Heart and Skull emotes have been removed and replaced with several new emotes including: Popcorn(E+O), Strawberry Ice Cream(E+Q), Chocolate Ice Cream(E+W), =/(E+H), Cake(E+K), Light Bulb(E+B).

Until next time! Keep unwrapping!

Yellow Puffle

 Goo Mad here,

Yes The legendary yellow puffle has mysteriously made its way to Club Penguin in November and is now new edition to the puffle adoption catalog. Its been a myth for too long and is finally made and is a part of Club Penguin. Apart from the weird picture on the cover of the catalog the puffle is pretty cool. Its known to be artistic, spontaneous and loves painting. The puffle unfortunately for non-members is members-only and is 800 coins. This exotic creature has yellow fur, blue tongue and is chaotic. The new Puffle Furniture Catalog is also out and consist of a new Yellow house. Heres a pic of what The Yellow Puffle looks like (copyright):

The image “https://i0.wp.com/i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee296/goomad4/Puffle.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Thanks for visiting the blog. We are sure to provide a safe and harmless blog for all Club Penguin Lovers. Enjoy your weekend and your puffles and get pumped for Decembers Coins for Change Donation on December 14th!!!

-Goo Mad

The Penguin Times – Issue 111

The newspaper is out and here’s what’s inside:
Yellow Puffles have been revealed to have a liking to all things related to Art. Penguins have been able to train Yellow Puffles and they will be available for regular penguins to adopt on November 30.
The Western Party is over and penguins return to their regular lives with new/old items.
The Featured Game is Bean Counters.
This holiday season NHI will be donating 1 million dollars to 3 important causes. Start saving those coins and donate from December 14 to the 24th.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Pink Viking Helmet and the Cheering Penguins in Sled Racing.
Tips and Secrets talks about hidden items in the Clothing Catalog.

Upcoming Events:
Nov 30:
>>New pet furniture catalog

Dec 7:
>>New clothing catalog
>>New pin hidden

Dec 14:
>>New furniture catalog
>>Coins for Change begins

Dec 21:
>>Christmas Party begins
>>New pin hidden

Link to Newspaper: The Penguin Times – Issue 111

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

Western Party is back!

Well the Western Party(Most forgotten party in Club Penguin history) won the poll and came back. Every single item and decoration came back.(besides the pin) It really shows how much the parties weren’t decorated back then. Well enough of that lets head down onto the items. The main attraction is back and is in the Plaza. This item is known as the Bandana. No, not the Pirate Bandana, not Puffle Bandana, but THE Bandana. A neck item. There are also two backgrounds available. One is in the Dock and the other in the Forest. The pin is at the Cove at the top of the Haystack.(Needle in the Haystack) The only new decorations are pretty much for the newest rooms. I will have pictures up later. This is all for now!

Notice: The CPRPT is officially closed. I’m too busy lately and cannot run it anymore. I will hopefully make a public group in the future.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

The Stage

Hi guys,

Many of you have been wondering where have I been? Well I am having some computer problems and cant spend alot of time on it. I am happy to be an admin here but I really need some more time. Its difficult to fit all these jobs in around 15 mins. I am currently working on fixing this problem and have been on more often recently. I enjoy being here, the forums and the chatbox but I need more time Anyway, Club Penguin has made a stage where the construction was. Its a whole space play and it has a script and costumes. It is very cool and you have a bigger stage then the one your band peforms on. I think it was an ok idea and think it has cool props. You have many seats to watch from and it has a cool theme. Here are the prices for the costumes:

Space Helmet- 500 coins

Orange and Purple Space Suits- 700 coins

Robot Helmet- 300 coins

Robot Suit- 800 coins

Alien Mask- 300 coins

Alien Suit- 600 coins

Directors Hat- 250 coins

ALSO: If you click the puffles at the top of the stage and what like a second the yellow puffle will appear on the right balconyy!!! I suggest you check it out for yourself because it is really cool. Well if you wanna be lazy and not see it yourself click here: http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee296/goomad4/penguin-1.png

Have fun and enjoy the weekend, Goo Mad

The Penguin Times – Issue 109

Hey all, Lakitu Dude here!
The newspaper came out today and heres whats inside:
The recent Theatre Construction Project will be finished by tommarow, November 16.
Yellow Puffle rumors are getting closer to being confirmed. The Penguin Times writers head out into the wild in search of these creatures. More on this next week.
Rockhopper’s stay will be extended to the weekend and he will depart on Monday.
The featured game is Cart Surfer.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Alien Antenna and Old Player Card Backgrounds.
The secret this week is about the Construction/Mining Hat’s Dance.

Upcoming events:
Nov 16:
>> Plaza construction complete
>> New furniture catalog
>> Igloo catalog update

Nov 23:
>> Surprise Party begins
>> New pin hidden

Nov 30:
>> New puffle furniture catalog

Dec 7:
>> Clothing catalog
>> New pin hidden

If you want to be lazy and not go on Club Penguin for the newspaper:
Click this link

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

I’m back!

We’ll I had a week off from school and I wasn’t at home so I didn’t keep up with the Club Penguin updates. Once I got home my internet was out and I just got it repaired today. I will be starting up again with CP updates. For those who don’t know yet, since BRIBBLE chatboxes are closing down the link to my NEW chat is below:
Lakitu Dude’s Chatbox
I will be hiring my old moderators again. Also the rules are still the same and apply.
This is all for now. I will probably be closing the CPRPT soon and making a new group. Don’t send emails or anything for CPRPT as signups are closed for now.
More to come soon! Cya soon!

Until next time! Keep gobbling(turkey sound)!
Lakitu Dude

Lack of Updates

Yes, I know I have been missing posts lately. I will be trying to get back on track with that and get GooMad back on track. Now I’m almost done preparing a new page and yes, I have noticed that there is a new mission released, catalog, and several other things. I’m not home for the week and thats why I haven’t been updating. I will get back on track with my projects and posts hopefully by Friday. More to come soon. Stay tuned as the week goes by.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

PS: I also have a new chatbox that will replace bribble once closed. I will be posting the link when I’m 100% done with it. If you need the link to the forums and press chatbox at the top.

Happy Halloween!

Hello penguins big and small, today is Halloween! I don’t really celebrate Halloween but I hope you all get lots of candy tonight(so you can give it all to me, just kidding). I’m working on some new projects for my blog. Also there was an update with bribble stating that all chats will be closing soon. Free chats close on December 1st so I hope to have a new chat ready for when that comes. I have a whole month to get ready. More projects coming, I hope to have at least one done by this Friday. Quick reminder for those reading my blog. I don’t let advertising comments get through. Unless I post about something that requires you to advertise then the comment will be deleted.

In Club Penguin news: Since the start of the Halloween Party is has been said that there is a Yellow Puffle scurring about the bushes of Club Penguin. It had been said to be lies. Well they aren’t. Just today many pictures have gone around showing that the Yellow Puffle exists and hides in the outskirts(wilderness) of Club Penguin. I have not spotted such a creature but there is evidence of them existing. It appears in various rooms such as the Mountains and Forest. Apparently you must wait a few minutes for it to appear. How many minutes? It can take as long as 30 minutes. Now for the big questions. Will the Yellow Puffles become new pets? Or does this puffle have to do with the new mission. Is it even a real puffle? Or just a puffle covered in paint to draw attention? Hopefully this will be explained further tommarow in The Penguin Times.

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Happy Halloween!
Lakitu Dude

Halloween Party 2007

Today marks the start of the Halloween Party. The best and most anticipated party of 2006 and 2007. A few old room redecorations from last year are back again but are edited to feature anything new that has happened in the past year such as the path to the Forest in the Plaza. Now onto the items:

To start off once you log in you will notice a pumpkin in the top right corner of your monitor near the Secret Agent/Moderator sign. If it isn’t clear by now, the main focus of the Halloween Party is candy hunting. The first thing you will need is a Pumpkin Basket. Pick it up at the Snow Forts and start the hunt!

Candy #1: Located in the Pizza Parlor atop the big organ. Click it and it will fall to the bottom righthand corner.

Candy #2: Located in the Coffee Shop in the bowl of candy. Click on it and it will open up to reveil the second piece of candy.

Candy #3: Located in the Forest in a tree in the left side. It’s a bit hard to spot but once you click it, it will be easier to see and pick up.

Candy #4: Located at the Beacon in the Life Ring on the right side.

Candy #5: Located in the Ski Lodge inside the eye of the dead Mullet.

Candy #6: Located in the Dance Club. Click the puffle and it will ask a question. Reply, “Happy Halloween” and you will recieve your candy.

Candy #7: Located at the Mountain. Click the Scarecrow and the candy bar will appear.

Candy #8: Located in the Cove. Click the binoculars and wait a few seconds. An octopus will pass by with your candy.

Once you’ve retrieved all eight pieces of candy you will be able to claim your prize. The prize is a Halloween Scarf. Two free items if you include the Basket. Also, the pin is located in the Cave/Pool. The pin is a spider. It’s not a regular pin. The spider moves up and down on the wall so it may take a while to retrieve. I will have pictures of everything soon.

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

Club Penguin 2nd Anniversary Party

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted any of the furniture catalogs in a while so I’ll leave Goo Mad up to that. I’ll probably let him handle all Friday updates. Now onto real news.

Today is the one and only day that the Anniversary Party will be going on. The main focus of the party is in the Coffee Shop. There is refreshments including cake on the bottom floor and the main updates on the second floor. On the second floor you will find the Party Hat.(Yes this is my first one.) It is Orange and Yellow though it looks like a simple Hue change of the Beta Hat from purple to orange.
2nd Anniversary Hat
There is also a year book in the Library that shows all past events in Club Penguin from October 06′ – October 07′.

In other news: I will be trying to better organize the posts on my blog and the catagories to make them all easier to find.

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

Furniture Catalog – Oct 07′

The new Furniture and Igloo Catalog are out! Click the links below to see:

Furniture Catalog

Igloo Catalog

This furniture catalog contains many old items like the pumpkins, tombstone, cauldron, spider web and some new ones like pipe organ (click keys of the original piano) and candelabra (click the fire pit). The new igloo is a pumpkin for 2700 coins. These catalogs are very cool and I hope you enjoy them. Here are the prices:

Puffle Pumpkin: 250 coins

Cauldron: 630 coins

Spiderweb: 75 coins

Tombstone: 300 coins

Happy Jack-o-lantern: 250 coins

Goofy Jack-o-lantern: 250 coins

Silly Jack-o-lantern: 250 coins

Sad Jack-o-lantern: 250 coins


Pumpkin Igloo: 2700 coins

The Penguin Times – Issue 105

Hey all, Lakitu Dude here!
The newspaper came out today and heres whats inside:
Mysterious shadows have been discovered in the skies above Club Penguin.
Another reminder of the Halloween Party starting next friday on October 26.
Advertisement for the 2nd Anniversary Party next wednesday on October 24.
The winners of the 2nd Costume Contest are shown.
The 3rd Costume Contest begins tommorow!
The featured game is Ice Hockey. Tommarow, Ice Fishing and Puffle Roundup will be updated.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Silver Surfboard and Club Penguin changes.
The secret this week is about Fred the Cuckoo Clock.

Upcoming events:
Oct 19:
>>Coin earnings doubled
– Ice Fishing and Puffle Roundup
>>Furniture catalog release
– Decorate for Halloween!
>>New igloo catalog

Oct 24:
>>2-year Anniversary Party
– One day only!
– In the Coffee Shop!

Oct 26:
>>Halloween Party
>>New pin hidden

The Pet Catalog’s real release date is on Nov. 30. NHI released the wrong date in the last issue.

If you want to be lazy and not go on Club Penguin for the newspaper:
Click this link!

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

Halloween Party Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone, I’m back and here with more news. A new sneak peek of the Halloween Party has been released. Here is the screenshot:
Halloween Sneak Peek 2
Apparently the pool will be now known as the Slime Pool. Look closely at the top right corner and you will see a pumpkin. It seems that you may be required to collect candy to recieve the items. A Fall Fair remake? We’ll see soon. Friday brings a new Furniture Catalog that will have new and old decorations plus a Halloween igloo. Next Wednesday brings the 2nd Anniversary which will last for only one day so you may not want to miss it. Halloween Party starts next week on the 26. This is all for now.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

Wheres Laki?

Many people have been asking where he is whether its bribble, forum or here. Well he lost internet connection because of the storm last week. I lost Internet for a day but he still doesnt have it. Thats all the info I have know I will post more if I get more info! Laki is now back his internet was fixed.

In other news: The reason Club penguin changed a couple of smileys is because of a little situation. A company said that Club Penguin’s smilies looked to much like theirs and the company wanted it changed. Club Penguin did and have changed come smilies. These are the new updates:


Post to you soon,

-Goo Mad


Hi guys its me Goo Mad

Club Penguin made a new decorating way. Well as everyone predicted its hair. Its cool and I hope they make a new catalog each and every new clothing catalog. My favorite is the afro because afro’s are sooo cool! Hope you guys enjoy this new feature as much as I do. The new pin is located at the Pet Shop near the puffle O’s! I think you guys will like this weeks update of Club Penguin!

23949.png  Pin.png picture by goomad4

Enjoy your hair and Waddle on!

-Goo Mad

The Penguin Times – Issue 104

The newspaper came out today. Heres whats inside:
Tommorow comes the release of the new way to dress up your penguin!
The Halloween Party is coming soon and is advertised in The Penguin Times.
The 20 winners of the costume contest are shown. I’d like to point out that at least 3 of the costumes in there were pretty much the exact same thing as mine. 😆
Tommarow brings the start of yet another costume contest!
The featured game is Sled Racing.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Fall Fair Games and entering Costume Contests.
This week’s secret is about Puffle Super Play which was released a few months ago.
The last few pages have been rearranged and now there is 2 comics.

Upcoming events:

Oct 12:
>>New pin hidden
Oct 19:
>>Furniture catalog
>>Pet catalog
Oct 24:
>>2-year Anniversary Party
Oct 26:
>>Halloween Party
>>New pin hidden
Nov 2:
>>Clothing catalog

For those lazy like me, here is the link to the official newspaper for those too lazy to log on(once again, like me):
The Penguin Times – Issue 104

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

New Partner!

Well my best friend GooMad has been having a hard time with his blog. He’s been a bit sad lately since one of his old penguins got perma-banned. He has been offering me things in the past and now I have decided to let him move into our little family. GooMad will now be my partner here my on my blog(or our blog). He will be monitoring the forums and keeping the blog updated with all the announcements on the forums. I haven’t announced the link to the forums on my blog in the past so I’ll announce it now.

For those who haven’t noticed or don’t know, I have my own forums. The link has been in the blogroll for quite some time. For those who don’t know what a forum is, it’s a message board. You basicly make an account or sign up. Create a topic or reply/comment to one. It’s easy buisness. Theres more to forum than two sentances but thats what it is in summation. The forums I started working on back in June and released in July. They were originally The Chewit Club Penguin Forums. I decided to change that so it’s now called Lakitu and Chewit Forums. I run the forums with my other friend Chewit Dude. Anyway onto the link.

Lakitu And Chewit Forums
Lakitu And Chewit Forum Rules
Lakitu and Chewit Forum Guide(provided my Mr Peckle)

That enough of the forum information. Now back to GooMad. Like I was saying he will be keeping the blog updated with all the latest forum information. He will also be helping me with the chat. He will be counted as co-owner of it. He will also be taking the pictures from Club Penguin updates on my blog. So if you see Club Penguin updates without pictures, I’m still waiting for them. Also you may have noticed a decrease in edits lately(or should I say none at all). GooMad will be helping make more edits.

As you can see a lot of things will be coming soon. Also keep working on the chat page because I will be adding a new page once we reach the goal.

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

New Style!

I decided that it was time to change the style of my blog. Face it. Almost everyone uses the style I used to have so I moved on. It might take a while to get used to this style but I will be sticking to this now. You may have noticed that the header has also changed due to size conflicts so I will now be changing the penguin in the header every month. This month he is a Ghost. I’m sure you can guess what he’ll be in December. 😆 Anyway keep submitting your games and we’ll which get featured on my blog. If you haven’t seen the post it’s right below this one. I’ll cya tommarow with more news!

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

Looking for new game content!

Well Club Penguin seems like a small step for my blog. I’ve been thinking about bringing content from new online games. I will still discuss about Club Penguin but I want to go beyond that. Know any good online games that I may like? Tell me in a comment. If I like the game I may start posting about it along with Club Penguin.

In other news: I will be posting a lot more. I have lots of things to discuss now so I may be posting more than once per day. You may have to scroll below to see any previous posts.

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

![Lakitu Dude’s Chatbox]! 2

Well the Moderator spots on my chat have been full for a long time and I barely ever have to remove a moderator and since my chat is full sometimes during mid-day I decided to make a second chat. You may be on boths chats at the same time to keep them both active and its good to be on both of them alot because it gives a better chance to be a moderator. 😉 Moderators will be different on both chats and I’ll be working my hardest to keep problems from happening. Below are the links to both chats and they will both be in the blogroll:

![Lakitu Dude’s Chatbox]!: http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=29942
![Lakitu Dude’s Chatbox]! 2: http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=34246

Until next time! Stay Scared!
Lakitu Dude

PS: If your wondering about Ghost’s Chatbox check one of the posts below.

Protected: Chat Moderator Info!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Chat Update!

Many of you that go to my chat in my blogroll may have noticed a change. It has been renamed the Ghost’s chat and my name on it is Ghost. The background has also changed. This is all for the Month of October and will return to normal when November comes. Also everyone who goes to the chat can have their name be “*Name*sGhost” and won’t be counted as Double Accounting. Moderators can have their names changed to ghosts if they want to. You’ll have to whole month to get used to it so enjoy it!

Also I’m having another party soon. I will be announcing it later. The next reward for count to 3000 or the new chat page won’t be a party. It will be a new page so keep working towards the goal!

Until next time! Stay Scared!(New catchphrase for October)
Lakitu Dude/Ghost

Clothing Catalog – Oct 07′

The new clothing catalog is out and heres what’s inside.
Clothing Catalog. 10/07

New Items:
Bee Antenna (200)
Bee Wings (350)
Bee Costume (450)
Princess Hat (300)
Princess Costume (550)
Magician’s Cape (550)

Returning Items:
Magic Wand (150)
Skeleton (450)
Clown Wig (210)
Clown Suit (450)
Clown Shoes (300)
Ghost Costume (600)
Catalog Secrets 10/07

Hidden Items(All returning items):
Red Viking Helmet (750)
Blue Viking Helmet (1200)
Fairy Wings (400)
Swim Goggles (220)
Red Electric Guitar (975)

New Backgrounds:
Candy Background
Spooky Trees Background
Igloo Door Background

There are also boxed in the Gift Shop to accompany the news in the last issue of The Penguin Times.

Other news: This is to anyone playing in the counting page. It’s not a good idea to be counting anymore. You can still comment but don’t comment with your number anymore. Why? I will be moderating all comments soon which means selecting the ones that get to be added to my blog and everyone may be confused on numbers when I do this. Don’t count. It will now be a chat page. Just leave any comment. No comment numbers unless you reach the goal. Thats all for now.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

The Penguin Times – Issue 103

The newspaper is out and here’s whats inside:

Tommarow begins the start of a new costume contest!
By the end of this month there will be a new way to dress your penguins and an update to the Gift Shop.
The featured game is Puffle Round Up.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about The Gold Viking Helmet and Pizza Parlor Buisness.
The secret this week tells you how to toss some pizza dough.

Upcoming events:

Oct 5:
>>New clothing catalog
-Halloween costumes
-Costume Contest starts

Oct 12:
>>New pin hidden

Oct. 19:
>>New furniture catalog
>>New pet catalog

Oct. 24:
>>2-year anniversary celebration

Oct 26:
>>Halloween Party starts

The Daily Secret: In this issue of The Penguin Times on Page C3 or the Poetry page you can click the word Poetry at the top to get another poem.

Other news: Everyone has been waiting to join CPRPT and I’ve forgot to get you guys the new way to join. I’ll have this up and ready for you guys soon. Just hang in there.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

October Sneak Peek

The Club Penguin Staff have released a sneak peek of everything happening this month. There is the Costume Catalog which will have many old clothing and some new ones. The Furniture Catalog. Two parties this month. The 2nd Anniversary of Club Penguin(Oct. 24) and the Halloween Party(Oct. 26). Four contests and a brand NEW way to dress up your penguin. They sure are going to be busy this month. 😆 Theres a lot to look foward too this month and this month will probably be the best month of Club Penguin so far. We’ll see about that when all these events come. There is also a sneek peek of the decoration:
Halloween Sneak Peek

In other news I’m having a hosting a party for my friend Goo Mad. Two of his penguins have turned 500 but one of them was recently perma-banned. 😦
When: Friday, October 5, 2:00PM PST
Where: Brumby, Australia, Coffee Shop

Hope you guys can come.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

The Penguin Times – Issue 102

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside.

Everyone is enjoying the Fall Fair and it will end on October 1st.
The next furniture catalog is going to be packed with fall fair furniture.
There is advertisement for the Halloween costume catalog coming next week.
This weeks features game is Jet Pack Adventure.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about previous issues and why she wears green.
Tips and Secrets talks about hidden jokes.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 28:
>>New furniture catalog
>>New pin hidden

Oct. 5:
>>New clothing catalog
– Halloween costume release

Oct. 12:
>>New pin hidden

Oct. 24:
>>2-year anniversary celebration

Oct. 26
>>Halloween Party starts
>>New pin hidden

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude!

The Daily Secret – The Penguin Band

Have you noticed the penguin band at several parties? At the Fall Fair is probably the first time that the instruments they have actually go with the music. By that I mean it actually seems that are playing the music as their flippers and instruments fit with the song.

Blog Updates! Featuring more content!

Well I don’t get many visitors or comments. I have considered closing my blog but I won’t. I’ve decided to give more content that the viewers want to see. I will now be giving out a bonus in everyone of my posts. It will be either a cheat, secret, or tip about Club Penguin. I’ve been getting questions about the Friday’s Party’s and I’ve decided to bring them back. I hope to have them up and running by next Friday. I will bring more things to the blog including more pages. User Sites was deleted because I couldn’t keep track of the users that wanted to be added to it. Don’t ask to be added to my blogroll. I will soon have a new way to help advertise your blogs so just hang in there for a little longer. I am working on several new projects for my blog and hope to have them here soon. Many people ask to be my buddy on Club Penguin on chats and other things and it’s obvious that I’m not on to much or that I’m not on my usual servers. To make it easier to find me, I will usually try to be on Arctic often. To prevent confusion I will be on my penguin, Lakitu Dude, which isn’t to old but will do. Your free to ask as I will try to keep the buddy list as open as possible. I will let you know ahead of time though if it is full so keep checking the About Me page for that info. Also if I ever remove you don’t take it personally. It’s not that I hate you, it’s usually for space and I pick random users. If your ever removed, don’t mope around. Just find me sometime on Arctic and I’ll add you. If you ever see me moving around to much, don’t think I’m ignoring you, I’m either playing games or collecting items or taking pictures.
Continue reading

Fall Fair Update – New Items!

New items have been added to the ticket booth today and heres whats inside.

Fall Fair 4
Candy Necklace (700 tickets)
Paddle Ball (1500 tickets)
Lollipop (1000 tickets)

When you first log on the Candy Necklace and the Paddle Ball are the only two items you will see. You must purchase them with your tickets and then a rope will appear if you have bought both. Click or pull on the rope and the Lollipop will appear. None of these items have a special dance besides the Paddle Ball(sort of). When you wave with the Paddle Ball, your penguin plays with the Paddle Ball as it waves.

Paddle Ball

Hope your all enjoying the Fall Fair! It ends October 1, 2007.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

Protected: CPRPT Meeting

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

The Fall Fair!

Sorry this is late. Club Penguin’s servers have been packed. Anyway I can’t give you a guide to get free items because you have to play games to earn them. 🙂 New Horizon Interactive(Club Penguin Team) said that this was going to be the biggest party yet and they mean it. So far everyday this week the servers have been crowded. Almost every single server has been full, no matter if you were a member or a nonmember. There has also been some server bugs with servers such as Snowy River and Brumby. Sometimes they would be full but look empty from the server selection menu. Now onto the items:

The prizes are:
Feathered Tiara (1200 tickets)
Cotton Candy (600 tickets)
Teddy Bear Background (400 tickets)
Circus Tent pin (100 tickets)
Fall Fair Items

These are all of the games found at the Fall Fair:
Memory Card Game (Beach)
Grab + Spin (Dock)
Ring The Bell (Dock)
Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
Puffle Shuffle (Forest)
Feed A Puffle (Cove)
My favorite is the Puffle Paddle.
Fall Fair Items 2

There are still more items coming soon. In others news Ballistic Biscuit has been renamed to Hydro-Hopper, the name I despise. If the game is mentioned in any future news I will be still calling it Ballistic Biscuit, just so you know.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

PS: I will try to be on time for the new prizes.

I met Rockhopper!

This is the first time I’ve meet Rockhopper in a long time. He was in Alpine, Ship Hold and Ice Burg, and Cove. I snagged some pics with him before he got real crowded.

Rockhopper 2
Rockhopper 3

I will update this post everytime I find him.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude!

Fall Fair Preview!

Today the Club Penguin Staff released a preview of the upcoming Fall Fair this Friday. They promise that it will be one of the best parties in the games history and I hope they mean it. It is confirmed that there will be more than one item and different ways to get them but how? Well, we will this Friday when the Fall Fair Arrives.

Fall Fair

Rockhopper is also going to be easier to find soon. Does this mean you will add him to your buddy list and he has an infinite number of buddies? Or is there something else that will help? Will be he on multiple servers at once? We’ll have to wait and find out.
Thanks to Pete993 for reminding me about this.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude!

Rockhopper has returned!

Rockhopper has landed into shore this weekend and has brought some more cargo to drop off which is now filling up the Lighthouse. Here’s what he brought:
(Item Catalog Picture coming soon)
Free Items:
Eye Patch(Old Item – October)

Member Items:
Striped Overalls(450)

Member Furniture:
Pirate Ship(525)
Jolly Roger Flag(200)

There is also a new pin which is located in the Ski Lodge. It is a Jellyfish.(Recent pins have been a bit pathetic)
9/13/07 Pin

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude!

The Penguin Times – Issue 100!!!

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside.

Rockhopper is closing into the shores of Club Penguin. He’s bringing items and more cargo for the Fall Fair which happens next Friday, September 21.
Ballistic Biscuit name has been confirmed to be changed to Hydro-Hopper(I seriously hate this name. I will never call it this. I will always call the game by its true name.)
There are two celebrations for the 100th Issue. First is a puzzle of Aunt Arctic holding up a sign that says “100th Issue”. The second shows Aunt Arctic’s Igloo that has objects that bring backs memories of Club Penguin’s past which include the Halloween Igloo Contest, The Lime Green color’s release, an Ice Sculpture from the Festival of Snow, The story book contest in April, the Pirate Party in April, and the recent name change of Ballistic Biscuit.
This weeks features game is Find Four.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Parrots and the Red Puffle Surfing with new surfboards.
Tips and Secrets talk about hidden catalog items.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 14:
>>Rockhopper returns
– More cargo; new items
>>New pin hidden

Sept. 21:
>>Fall Fair starts
– Don’t miss the first ever Fall Fair in Club Penguin

Sept. 28:
>>New furniture catalog
>>New pin hidden

Oct. 5:
>> New clothing catalog

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude!

Protected: CPRPT Updates#2

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Club Penguin Updates and 2,000 Party!

Before I go into a lot of things its time for a few Club Penguin related updates. First of all this Thursday, Ballistic Biscuit’s new name will finally be chosen! In a few days we will be getting a sneak peak of the upcoming Fall Fair which is getting closer and closer everyday. This is all for CP News and now onto other things.

I’ve noticed that you have all reached 2000 on the “Count to 2000” Page. Everyones been bothering me for the party so heres the date. Here’s the notice(No picture this time):

You have been invited to a celebration! Lakitu Dude’s “Count to 2000” Page has reached 2000 comments.
Where: Snowboard Server, US Second Page, Bateryx23’s Igloo(I thank him for spending coins to help me put on this party, 😀 )
When: This Friday, 1:00PM PST – Pacific Standard Time or Penguin(By Club Penguin’s Definition)
Who: Your lost if your asking this.
Why: We’ve reached 2000 comments on the “Count to 2000” page.
What: Please don’t read if your going to ask this.

Anyway please go to my chatbox the day of the party. Brings lots of friends like last time, lol. Anyway cya then. Also I’ll be there as Lakitu Dude. I know some of you want me to go as Smario64 but that penguin has a full list while Lakitu Dude has enough space for all of you.

The party was just pretty bad. Not many people came so I’ve decided to reschedule it. I will announce the make-up party soon.

Also in other news I’m going to try and post something everyday. It won’t always be Club Penguin info. Most of the time it will be related to this blog and CPRPT. Anyway this is all for now. I’ll let you know this weeks post schedule.

Wednesday – CPRPT Post
Thursday – The Penguin Times and Party Reminder
Friday – Rockhopper and other CP Updates(Party post updated after the party it over.)
Saturday – New Page Topic
Sunday – Upcoming Blog Events
Monday – Blog Pages Update
Tuesday – Forum Post

Thats all for the one week schedule. These updates will (hopefully) go as scheduled everyday. Posts that happen Monday-Friday will usually be added around 5:00AM PST. Saturday-Sunday posts will usually be up around 8:30AM-10:00AM PST. This will help viewers know when I update my blog. I’ll soon tell you about my CP times but don’t want to discuss to much in one post. More to come as the days go by.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

The Penguin Times and Clothing Catalog.

This is a bit late but heres everything.

The Penguin Times – Issue 99

Yesterday the new issue of The Penguin Times was released.

The contents of Rockhopper’s cargo has been confirmed to hold plans for a Fall Fair.
Ballistic Biscuit(My favorite minigame) is being renamed and it is up to the everyday penguins to decide on the new name.
This weeks featured game is Bean Counters.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about Puffle Play and Safe Chat Numbers.
Tips and Secrets talk about Jet Pack Adventure.

Upcoming Events:

Sept 7:
Clothing Catalog
– back to school fashion

Sept 12:
Last day of poll
– vote for Ballistic Biscuit’s new name

Sept 14:
Rockhopper returns
New pin hidden

Sept 21:
Fall Fair begins

Sept 28:
New furniture catalog
New pin hidden


The new clothing catalog is out and heres whats inside.

Clothing Catalog - September

New Clothing:
Astro Barrier T-Shirt(200)
Blue Backback(410)
Running Shoes(300)
Star T-Shirt(200)
Red Letterman Jacket(550)
Butterfly T-Shirt(200)
Pink Backpack(410)
Designer Glasses(200)
Trendy Glasses(White)(225)
Dress Shoes(420)

Sunset Background(60)
Dock Jumping Background(60)
Wakeboard Background(60)
Apples Background(60)

This covers everything in recent updates. This is all for now and I’ll get back to you with more things in a few days. Cya soon.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude.

Blog Update

I updated several pages on this blog today. I updated the About Me page(you can see a huge difference) and hope to update it every week with up to date buddy info. I also updated the Chatbox and CPRPT pages. Small are hard to spot changes. Now time for upcoming events on my blog. Soon to come will be Penguin of the Month for September. Also coming soon is Lakitu Dude quizzes on my chatbox to see who knows me the most. They will be announced so they won’t come unexpected. More things to come soon like a new page but this is all I can reveal for now. I’ll bring some more news in the next few days included a few posts for the members of CPRPT. Cya soon.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

PS: This is Lakilester86, just another new name :D.

Sports Shop Upgrade!

Sorry for missing a few posts lately but I’ll try to get on track. Anyway the Sports Shop has gotten it’s upgrade and now looks different from the Gift Shop. Surfboards are available which change the design of your surfboard in Catchin’ Waves and the speed of your board. There are also Wakeboards which you can use in Ballistic Biscuit. Here’s whats in the Snow and Sports catalog.
New Items:
Tennis Racket(250)
Flame Surfboard(400)
Daisy Surfboard(400)
Silver Surfboard(800)
Pink Striped Wakeboard(300)
Yellow Arrow Wakeboard(300)
Baseball Background(60)

Returning Items:
Hockey Helmet(220)
Hockey Stick(260)
Pink Ball Cap(200)
Green Ball Cap(200)
Red Cheerleader Uniform(350)
Blue Cheerleader Uniform(350)
Hockey Background(60)
Gym Background(60)
Basketball Net(320)
Score Board(520)
Hockey Net(360)
Weight Bench(680)

I will have pictures up later but this is it for now. It seems that this whole upgrade was just a plot to bring back a LOT of old items. Also can’t forget. The new pin is in the Boiler Room. It’s a baseball.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Protected: CPRPT Update

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I know some of you emailing for CPRPT haven’t gotten replies. My email Lakilester86@yahoo.com has been getting a lot of mail lately so I would appreciate it if you send those requests over to cprpt@lakilester86.com
I’ll try to answer all your emails since I just got it and I don’t get much mail on it. This is all for now!

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times – Issue 97

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside:

Tommarow, Camp Penguin begins with many camp-based activities.
A new project is underway in the Sports Shop and will be completed next friday.
Captain Rockhopper’s mysterious gift is making all penguins curious but whats inside? It’s obviously best suited for one of the upcoming holiday’s but what holiday is in September? We’ll find out whats inside soon.
This weeks featured game is Thin Ice.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about hidden pins and the yellow puffle.
This weeks Tips and Secrets features the many of the keyboard shortcuts.
You know what goes here.

Upcoming Events:

Aug 24:
>>Camp Penguin starts
– Don’t miss this weekend’s campout!

Aug 31:
>>New pin hidden
>>Sports Shop project complete

Sept 7:
>>New clothing catalog

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

New Game!

Well I’ve come up with a new game that I’m pretty sure we can all play. It’s like finding Rockhopper but you’ll be finding me! Find Lakilester86(Lakilester). Ok heres how it goes. On most days I’ll be around Club Penguin. But no one knows where. I will be doing the same thing as Rockhopper. I will take a spot on some server and stay there for 15 minutes. Then I will leave to a new server. I will only say a few prewritten messages so don’t say things that are too complicated. Now heres some tips for finding me:
– I will be in one world per day. So if I’m in US, I’ll be there for the whole day, I won’t change country.
– For US, I will only stay on one page for the whole day
– If I leave before the 15 minutes are up, I may still be in the server but just changed rooms. By 15 minutes, I mean that I leave at any of these times: ??:15, ??:30, ??:45, ??:00
– If you don’t find me in a world that I was in for the day then I might have left for the day.
– I may revisit servers so don’t think I won’t be in servers that I’ve been too.
– Visit my chatbox to know if I’m online. If I’m on my chatbox you may ask me if I’m playing the game. The chat is in my blogroll.
– Look for Lakilester. I’m not adding anyone on my penguin Lakilester because its part of the game. Trying to be like Rockhopper. So not look for the Smario Bros, lol. Look for Lakilester.

Thats all for now.

Until next time! Keep looking!

Rockhopper+Igloo Catalog+Pin

Rockhopper’s arrived and here’s what he has:
Rockhopper’s New Items - August
Stuffed Parrot(Free)
Ancient Penguin Monument(600)
Wall Treasure Map(250)
Feathered Hat(280)

Igloo Upgrades - August
The new Igloo catalogs are out and theres a new tent igloo that goes for 2700 coins. In the furniture catalog there is camping furniture which includes:
Camping Chair(250)
Picnic Table(800)
Fire Pit(200)

Now for the pin. The pin is located at the Mine Shack.
Pin - August

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times! – Issue 96

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside:

On Friday, August 24, for one week only everyone is envited to Camp Penguin. Also known as the Camping Party.
Some comments from fellow penguins enjoy the new Sled Racing tracks.
Captain Rockhopper is returning and he is was turned away by something.
This weeks featured game is Ballistic Biscuit.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about losing buddies and the Friendship Bracelet.
This weeks Tips and Secrets features the Hidden Dojo.
I said I’m not mentioning the you-know-whats anymore.

Upcoming Events:
Aug 17:
>>New pin hidden
>>Furniture catalog
– Bring the outdoors indoors with new, campstyle furniture
>>Igloo design catalog
>>Rockhopper arrives

Aug 24:
>>Camp Penguin starts
– It’s a campout – Club Penguin style!

Aug 31:
>>New pin hidden

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

You have been invited to a party!

You have been invited to Lakilester86’s Birthday Party! It’s not a Club Penguin birthday its my real birthday!
Birthday Card
If you can’t read the card above it says:
You have been invited to Lakilester86’s birthday party!!!
When: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
Where: Arctic, Third page of US
Where on CP: Smario64’s Igloo
Why: It’s my birthday, don’t ask why

Well, the party ended and it was plenty of fun. We even filled several rooms to the point that no one could enter. We did lots of things at the party and I would do more things if I had given us more time, lol. Maybe next time we’ll have a 3 hour party, lol. Anyway the party ended and instead of a long speech about it here are some pictures from the party.
Birthday Party Pictures

Until the party! Keep Waddling!

You have been stopped!

I’m tired of you all advertising your sites on my blog and swearing so from now on those comments with links to blogs and swears will not appear on the blog at all. They will be sent to moderation so let this be a warning to you. If you ever advertise on here again you will be prevented from ever commenting again. This you can be sure of.

Until next time! Don’t advertise or swear!

The Penguin Times – Issue 95

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside:

The best outfit contest winners were announced and I have to say that the Club Penguin Staff actually did a good job this time.
The Sled Racing tracks are being repaired after they were damaged ealier this week. The tracks will be different when they reopen on Friday, August 10.
This weeks featured game is Catchin’ Waves.
Aunt Arctic answer questions about The Penguin Band and Cart Surfer Tricks.
This weeks Tips and Secrets feature hidden levels in Astro Barrier.
Jokes, Riddles, Poems, and a Comic as always.(Not going to mention this anymore)

Upcoming Events:
Aug 10:
>>Sled routes reopen
-New routes
>>New Post Cards

Aug 17:
>>Furniture catalog
>>Igloo design catalog
>>Rockhopper arrives
>>New pin hidden

Aug 24:
>>New pin hidden
>>Weekend party starts

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

CPRPT Email Change

If you have sent an email for CPRPT to lakilester86@hotmail.com and I haven’t replied it is because somethings wrong with my hotmail account so send your CPRPT emails to lakilester86@yahoo.com to ensure approval. This is all for now.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Avalanche Rescue!

The moment is here everyone! The new mission called Avalanche Rescue is here!
Mission 4
Now heres a mission guide for those of you who would like to do the mission the easy way. 😉

1. Talk to G and he will open the Gadget Room.
2. In the Gadget Room pick up the Life Preserver and place it in your inventory.
3. Enter the Ski Lodge and pick up the Fishing Rod near the Ice Fishing Door and place it in your inventory.
4. Head to the Lighthouse and place the Rope near the lifeboat in your inventory.
5. Put the three items you have found so far into one slot to combine them into one.
6. Head to the Sports Shop and take the Pirate’s Belt from the Green Penguin Statue and place it into your inventory.
7. Go to the Ski Village and then click on the Ski Lift.
8. Place the Pirate’s Belt onto the Ski Lift to fix it.
9. Pick up the White Fibers near the Ski Lift.
10. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and use the Wrench in the Spy Phone to unscrew the Telescope and place it into your inventory.
11. Go to the Sports Shop and head up the stairs to G’s Room.
12. Place the Telescope on the Tripod near the window.
13. Head to the Mountain and go down the Ridge Run trail.
14. You have to follow a path down the Ridge Run track which is Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Right.
15. Once at the bottom you’ll see Inner Tubes. Take out the Life Preserver.
16. Grab the First Penguin on the little branch. Then grab the next penguin on the ledge. Drop one of the penguins on the branch and use the other one to grab the penguin under it. Then grab the one on the branch and drop all three on the ledge with the rock and they will push the rock down. Grab all three penguins and drop down to grab the last one. Now you’ve rescued all the penguins.
17. Back at the Mountain talk to G and hand him the Fiber’s to finish the mission.

Medal: Medal of Excellence
Reward: Handy Penguin Award
Letter: You get only one chance to read this letter. Then it self destructs.

Hope you like my guide. I will be writing a guide for the rest of the missions soon.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Igloo Contest Winners!

I hosted an igloo contest on Friday to see who’s igloo design will be used at the first Friday’s party and here are the igloos. First, the winner of the contest is:

Continue reading

Penguin Style – Aug 07′

The new clothing catalog is out and heres whats inside:
Penguin Style - August 07
The Penguin Style catalog for August has been released. Contains Camping, Fishing, and Ranger clothing. CP team ment it about outdoor clothing this time. Anyway here are the items and prices inside.
Hiking Backpack(670)
Hiking Boots(325)
Fishing Hat(220)
Fishing Vest(480)
Park Ranger Hat(210)
Flannel Shirt(240)
Red Guitar(Old Item)(975)

Tent Background(60)
Lemonade Background(60)
Firefly Background(60)
Outdoors Background(60)

– Red Guitar: Click the green lights on the Black Guitar and the Red Guitar will come out.
– Swim Goggles: Click on the Wet Suit
– Viking Helmet: Click the Headphones
– Blue Viking Helmet: Do the step above 4 times.

In other news there is a new pin which is located at the Forest. It is a Butterfly pin.
ButterFly Pin

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Friday Parties!

Well now I’ve decided to have something called The Friday Parties which obviously means I will try and have a party every friday. 😀 Sounds like a cool idea doesn’t it? Well for the first party which will be next week I will be hosting an igloo contest. The design that wins will be used at the first party. To enter all you have to do is: Decorate your igloo anyway you like. Take a screenshot/picture of it and send that screen shot the Lakilester86@yahoo.com
All entries will be reviewd(unlike what the cp team does) and the top 5 igloos will be annouced on Monday or Tuesday. Hope you can enter because remember your design might be used. 😉

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times – Issue 94

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside:
The winners of the contest were announced and some were pretty impresive igloos dispite some of them being a complete mess.
It seems that some unknown creature or disaster is making the snow unstable. We’ll have to watch over the Ski Village and Mountain over the next few days to see what else comes.
Theres a new for Rockhopper leaving and he says if you miss the background he’ll be bringing more with him next time.
There is an upcoming outfit contest. It seems that Club Penguin is really trying to have more contests lately. There are two themes. You can dress to a camping outfit or just a plain crazy and outrageous outfit but this time there will be 20 winners. The contest starts August 3rd and ends August 9th.
This weeks featured game is Cart Surfer.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about Puffles running away and the first pin on Club Penguin ever, the Shamrock pin or better known as the Four Leaf Clover pin.
In Tips and Secrets they tell us about hidden items in the Clothing Catalogs.
There are jokes, riddles, poems, and comics as always.

Upcoming Events:
August 3:
>>New Clothing Catalog
– New gear for outdoors
>>New Pin Hidden
>>Outfit contest begins
– See ad on page A8

August 9:
>>Outfit contest winners announced

August 10:
>>Post Cards

August 17:
>>New furniture catalog
>>New igloo design catalog

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Club Penguin and Disney!

Just recently the Club Penguin Staff has partnered up with Disney to help bring some new things to Club Penguin. We should all know about Disney since they are marketed in all countries. But what will Disney bring to Club Penguin? We can only hope for the best. Also this is information is real unlike the rumour about Sony buying out Club Penguin. Heres a picture from the article that contains a penguin wearing a Mickey Mouse Hat item(Possibly a future item?):
Penguin with Mickey Hat
To see the full story go to the Club Penguin Home page and on the right side above the poll it should say Disney News or just click here

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Mission Update and Server Update!

We have several updates on the new mission. Since I forgot to post the previous update before, here it is.
Mission Sketch
This appears to be a sketch of the Lighthouse in the Mission. Is the Lighthouse a key componant in the Mission? We’ll find out when its released. Here is our most recent Mission update.
Mission HQ
Here we have a picture of the HQ of the Agents and this time the picture is in color. We appear to see gadgets that we might be using the this new Mission.

In other news there are 14 new servers in all countries. 7 new servers in US which include Matterhorn, Bobsled, Icebox, Bunny Hill, Walrus, Deep Snow, and Altitude. 3 new Canadian servers which include Ice Pond, Snowfall and Caribou. 2 new UK servers which include Belly Slide and Sherbet and 3 new AUS servers which are Snowy River, Big Snow, and Brumby.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

1000+ Party!(Finished)

Well we made it to 1000+ party and I’m going to host our party. The party will be this Thursday, August 2nd, 2007. The party will be on Arctic server. Don’t get Arctic confused with Antarctic. Arctic server is on the 3rd page of US servers. The party starts at 1:00PM PST. Please try to come and for those who can’t make it at that time due to time zones and countries I will also try to have another party later that evening. It will take place all over Arctic. We can play games, have fun, hang out in the forest telling stories, visit each others igloos, and anything else. If your there I would gladly accept your buddy requests. Hope to see you all there! Oh and one thing. We will meet up in the Coffee Shop. I will be there about 15 minutes earlier. Try to be on my bribble at the same time and the link is here. Also keep counting because a new number will be added soon!

The daytime part of the meeting has finished and heres what happened:
First about 30 mins before the party many of us got gathered in the Coffee Shop. I was surprised at how many people were there. Then everyone was dressing like my new penguin Smario86(Umbrella Hat and Blue Floaties) :). Then we did a little Sled Racing. (Everyone kept chasing me to try and play against me). Then we played a little hide and seek lol. Then we did some swimming at the Cove. Then we went off to some Find Four. I let everyone win today. 😉 I really didn’t want to play it so I just felt like losing to everyone. The we played Mancala which I’m still not sure of how to play. Anyway it was a pretty good meeting but I had to end it short because I had to go. Anyway here is some pics:
1000+ Party Pics

The night meeting will be at 6:00PM PST
Both parties are over. At the night party we basicly did the same things over again up until Find Four. After a while it ended short because I lost connection and couldn’t get back on to continue. Anyway the night meeting has less people and was calmer yet they still chase me to get a challenge from me, lol. Anyway it was pretty fun and lots of people came to both meetings. Lets hope even more people come to the next one.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Quick Note

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it is because my wordpress account seems a bit ”broken”. It takes forever to make posts appear. I’m considering getting a new one. Another thing my BRIBBLE chat doesn’t get many visitors so I ask you people to go to My Bribble or I will have to shut it down due to lack of visitors. Please visit. Thank you.

– Your friend, Lakilester86

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

I met Rockhopper!

Today I met Rockhopper on Summit Server. He no longer gives an Eye Patch but now he gives you a new background that shows you next to him with his signature. Here’s pics for proof.
Rockhopper 1
Rockhopper 2
Rockhopper 3

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times – Issue 93

The newspaper is out and heres whats inside:
The paper tells us a few comments from penguins that enjoyed the Water Party.
The igloo contest is still underway and will be over on Thursday, August 2 and the winners will get 10,000 coins!
This week’s featured game is Mancala which you can find in the Book Room which is on the second floor of the Coffee Shop.
Aunt Arctic answer questions about the Tour Guide Quiz and Meeting Rockhopper.
The Tips and Secrets tell us how to make our Puffles play in several new ways.
There are some Jokes and Riddles, Poems and Comics as always.

Upcoming Events:
July 27:
>>Rockhopper Returns
– Climb aboard the Migrator and purchase new items in his store

August 3:
>>New Clothing Catalog
– New gear for outdoors
>>New Pin Hidden

August 10:
>>Post Cards

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

I quit!

I am quiting Club Penguin. I will still go on every once in a while for updates but thats it. I quit. Everyone hates me so know what? Don’t care anymore. ANYMORE. Don’t even comment saying that you don’t hate me and stuff. Thats not changing my mind. I will still update my blog and the CPRPT and moderate the bribble and watch over the forums but thats it. I’m not chatting with ANYONE. Don’t care who you are. I’m not chatting with you. Not chatting with anyone. Even when I’m on bribble I won’t talk to ANYONE. I will just sit there and moderate. I won’t talk in chat or PM. Conversations with me are over. I’m quiting. If you think I should stay then heres a petition that will mostly likely never work. If you can get 100 DIFFERENT people to comment on this post saying “*Signs (Insertnamehere)* then I will stay. Remember different people. If many of the comments are the same IP then I will just remove the petition and leave. I will be leaving this thursday. Enjoy life without me. I still am not chatting with anyone. You have any concerns? Email me at Lakilester86@yahoo.com
Enjoy your penguin lives without me! See ya!

Until next time See ya later! Keep Waddling!

Edit: I will only talk to people on my bribble. Not anywhere else.

Current number of signatures: 100

I never expected this to happen? I didn’t know that so many people like me. I’m still leaving because the petition was fake. Anyway we’ve gotten over 100 signatures so I guess I’ll be sticking around. As a reward to everyone I have a new page coming soon! Keep an eye out for it because it will help you all. 😉

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Starting Over!

Well I’m starting over on CP to try and get that new feeling. To hang out with other new comers and to be like a nonmember. This does not mean I’m perma-banning my penguin, Smario64. I am just using another penguin. I will still be using Smario64 but not as much. My new penguin is named Smario86. If you see Smario86 on CP don’t think it’s someone impersonating, It’s the real me. I’m tired of new comers being pushed aside so I’m defending all newcomers. They are always called Noobs just because they don’t have a lot of items. It’s just cruel. If you call me a noob, then guess what. Your off my list on both of my penguins. Smario64 will still be my main penguin and no one will be my buddy on both penguins because thats just taking up space. I’ll choose anyone I want to be on BOTH of my lists. See Smario86 on CP sometime? Ask away but if you are my buddy on Smario64 I will turn down the request. Sorry but I need space for other penguins. Smario86 currently wears nothing besides the Water Party items. If you get the honor to be on both of my lists then consider yourself one of my close friends.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

New Furniture Catalog + New Item

Hey everyone, Lakilester86 here. A new item is being given out at the Waddle on Water party. They are known as the Floaties but this time in blue. Idea originally suggested by Pizzaman117 of Miniclip. Ideas do come true. Anyway the Blue Floaties are at the Plaza.
Blue Floaties
The new pin is known as the Cart Pin which is obviously here for Cart Surfer’s return. It is located in the Pizza Parlor.
Cart Pin
Also the new furniture catalogs are out so lets see whats inside.
Better Igloos - July/August
The new items are:
Inflatable Chair (275)
Inflatable Sofa (400)
Pink Plastic Castle (315)
Clam (305)
Sea Weed (265)
Igloo Upgrades - July/August
There is also a new igloo out known as the Fish Bowl Igloo. It goes for 2400 coins.

PS: I won’t be posting any catalog secrets. It’s up to you to find them. 😉

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times – Issue 92

The newspaper is out. This is a quick summary of what it has in it:
The Water Party has been extended till July 23.
A Water Igloo contest is coming up on July 21 till August 2 and the prize is 10,000 coins.
Underground has reopened but the water has not been completly drained out. Underground is expected to be cleared on July 23.
The Featured Game is Ice Fishing.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about Hiding and Serving Ice Cream.
The Tips and Secrets is the Candy Level in Pizzatron 3000.
There are some Jokes and Riddles, Poems and Comics.

Upcoming Events:
July 20:
>>New Furniture Catalog
– furnish your igloo with water themed items
>>New Igloo Design
>>Igloo Contest!
– to enter just decorate your igloo

July 27:
>>Igloo contest continues
– winners announced Aug. 2

August 3:
>>New Clothing Catalog

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Penguin of the Month Details and Round One!

The new details about Penguin of the Month competition has been revealed and the first round competition has started. Vote at http://pengofthemonth.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/competition-starts/

Underground is Open!

The flood repair project is still going on but enough water has been removed from the underground to allow penguin to go back down there and play everyones favorite Cart Surfer. Cart Surfer now has a longer track and new tricks. I will try to have a map of the new course for everyone soon now onto the tricks:
Cart Surfer - New Trick #1
Jump + Down
Space Bar + Down Key

Cart Surfer - New Trick #2

Down + Down
Down Key + Down Key

Cart Surfer - New Trick 3

Up + Up
Up Key + Up Key

Let me know if theres anything I missed.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Waddle on Water Party extended!

Today on the Club Penguin blog it was announced that due to popular demand the Waddle on Water party will be extended for another weekend and will end on Monday. All underground rooms will still be opened tomarrow and everyone’s favorite game(except me) Cart Surfer will have an extended track which should bring some new records, new tricks, and more coins for penguins. A new item will be released this Friday for the Summer Party and many penguins out there still cannot perform the fire fighting dance. Make sure your wearing the Fire Fighting Jacket at least. Try wearing it alone and if the dance doesnt work for you then you must clear your cache. If you don’t know how to clear your cache click here Hope I’ve helped you all! 😀

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Penguin of the Month!

Each month I will be hosting sign ups to see who will be Penguin of the Month! If you would like to be Penguin of the Month sign up at http://pengofthemonth.wordpress.com/ and we’ll see who is the Peng of the Month. 😉 Sign up and get voting!

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Meet Lakilester86(Event 2)

There are still some penguins out there asking to be on my buddy list so this Friday we are having another Meet Lakilester86 event. The second Meet Lakilester event will be on July 19th on Antarctic Server(AUS) at 10:30AM PST. Be there if you want to be on my list or be there if you want to have some fun with me like Sled Racing, Find Four, and so on. Hope you all can come and have some fun. Don’t look for Lakilester86 since my penguin name is Smario64. See you there if your coming. Also if you plan on coming try to be in my chatroom so that we may also chat there. If you don’t know where the chatroom is, its in my Blogroll titled “Lakilester86’s chatroom”.

The meeting is over and it wasnt as good as the first. The only people that showed up were Midfreshman and Sugar10112. Well first we met up in town then we went sled racing.
Meet Lakilester86 Event 2 - Sled Racing
Afterwards we did a bit of Find Four in the ski lodge. The opponents weren’t to hard to beat. 😀
Meet Lakilester86 Event 2 - Find Four
Then we headed to the Book Room in the Coffee Shop to play some Mancala. Afterwards we did our usual dance at the Ice Burg part.
Meet Lakilester86 Event 2 - Ice Burg
Lets hope the next meeting goes better.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Flood Party

Today without knowing it I hosted a little flood the Cove party. Lots of people came to help us flood it and heres a little picture of it.
Flood Party
Lets hope I have more parties like this soon but have them schedules to happen yes? 🙂

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Waddle on Water party has begun!

The Waddle on Water town wide party has begun! The party is going pretty good despite the fact that there is only one item available. Hopefully we’ll get another one before the party ends. Onto the party. The is one and only one item available. That one item is a new item(bout time) called the Umbrella Hat. It’s located in the Coffee Shop.
Umbrella Hat
This new item also came with a little bug that the Club Penguin team has to fix. When wearing the Umbrella Hat(with any item) and start waddling down your penguin will flash the tutorial penguin’s color which is sort of a bit lighter shade of blue than the Dark Blue color for penguins. The bug looks like this:
Umbrella Hat Glitch
The Mines are closed down for the repair project. The water party is the main part of the project. They are using the party to remove all the water from the underground rooms. For those who play Cart Surfer theres bad news. You won’t be playing it will Tuesday. It’s not a bad thing for me since Cart Surfer’s not my game anyway.
Boiler Room Closed
Mines Closed
Cave Closed
Also at the Mines theres a Giant Bucket that the Water from the inside of the mines gets thrown out every minute or so. So stand around the Bucket for about a minute and water will fall out.
Giant Bucket

Until next time! Keep Waddling on Water!

Snow Cats!

I sent an email to Club Penguin today about a new game on Club Penguin that could feature Snow Cats. Heres my email that I sent to them.

We all know that vehicles wouldn’t work out on Club Penguin as they
would be used to annoy other players but a game with Snowcats would be a
neat idea. Bumper Cars except its with Snowcats. The forest could lead
to like a circus or carnival or something and you’d find “Bumper Cats”
there. I think it would be a nice addition to Club Penguin and I’ve
suggested the idea to many other players and they like it to. 🙂 I hope you
guys think about this idea because it seems that lots of players would
like Bumper Cars on Club Penguin but cars don’t work with penguin so
Bumper Cats seems like a better idea. Hope you replay and now I have
only one thing to say.

Waddle On!
Continue reading

Club Penguin Update!

Well not much of an update today but there is some new stuff. On the Club Penguin blog they released a small picture preview of the the Weekend Water Party.
Water Party
There will also be a big update to one of the games. There are also twelve new servers on Club Penguin. The first ten new servers are American Servers. They are Snowball, Ice Pack, Ice Cream, Bubble Gum, Freezer, Snowcone, Rocky Road, Rainbow, Arctic, and Shiver. The last two new servers are Australian servers and they are called Ice Cube and Bonza. Here’s a pic of a few of the servers.
New Servers

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Art Improvement!

I’ve been working on sort of a special project and here it is. A drawing. I worked on the drawing harder than I do with my comics. I think I’ve improved a lot on my computer art. Big Smile Before I bring my new piece of art lets show my first drawing.
First Drawing

Now lets show the drawing. It’s of Chewit Dude. Now before you say ANYTHING about him missing Pirate Boots, This picture is Chewit before Rockhopper’s Third Visit. I hope you like it because I spent 3 and 1/2 hours to make this!!! This shows you how long art takes.
Chewit Dude

Have I made a big improvement? You tell me.

Until next drawing! Keep waddling!

Penguin Style – July 07′

The new clothing catalog is out and before we head into lets take a look on the site of the pool. All underground rooms have become flooded due to the leak and its up to the everyday penguins to fix it. How can they fix it? Free Mining Hats are being given away in the Mines to help with fixing the leak. The leak is sure to be fixed soon with everyone working on the job.
Mining Hat
Now for the pin. Just like the Shrimp Pin, if you know where it was located you’ll know where the new pin is. If you don’t know, its in the Dance Lounge. The new pin is a drop of water or Water Droplet.
Water Droplet
Now onto the catalog.
Penguin Style - July 07′
The Penguin Style catalog for July has been released and its a complete disappointment. Club Penguin had promised us more Water Wear and instead we get a Fire Fighting outfit. Not a single new water item except the Swim Goggles. Anyway here are the prices for this catalogs new items.
New Clothes:
Firefighter Helmet (130)
Firefighter Jacket (380)
Bike Helmet (350)
Pink Rollerskates (260)
Blue Rollerskates (260)
Brown Sandals (200)
Swim Goggles (secret item) (220)

New Backgrounds:
Jigsaw Background
Water Balloon Background
Splash Background
Beach Background (Old Background)

Hidden Item guide coming soon.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

The Penguin Times – Issue 90

The newspaper is out. This is a quick summary of what it has in it:
The newspaper gives us information about the Water Party starting: 13th July
They tell us about the crab in the pool breaking the glass.
The featured game is Sled Racing.
Aunt arctic answers questions about Invisisble Questions and Tricks on Catchin Waves.
The Tips and Secrets is the fish known as Fluffy The Fish.
There are some Jokes and Riddles, Poems and Comics.

Upcoming Events:
July 6th:
>>New Clothing Catalog
– All Water Wear
>>New Pin hidden

July 13th:
>>Waddle on Water Party begins
– Town Wide Party- Everyone Invited

July 18th:
>>Party Ends

[i]July 20th:[/i]
>>New Furniture Catalog
>>New Pin hidden

Until next week! Keep waddling!

From Chewits Blog nad the Forum Topic

Meet Lakilester86(Event 1)

I know the Meet Me page wasnt a big success so now I’m hosting my own meetings for those who want to meet me. Now I’m hosting Meet Lakilester86 events for those who want to try to get onto my buddy list. The first Meet Lakilester event will be on July 5th on Antarctic Server(AUS) at 10:30AM PST. Be there if you want to be on my list or be there if you want to have some fun with me like Sled Racing, Find Four, and so on. Hope you all can come and have some fun. Don’t look for Lakilester86 since my penguin name is Smario64. See you there if your coming. Also if you plan on coming try to be in my chatroom so that we may also chat there. If you don’t know where the chatroom is, its in my Blogroll titled “Lakilester86’s chatroom”.

The first Meet Lakilester86 meeting is over and it went pretty well. I have some new friends on my buddy list. Now lets review about the meeting. The first person I met up with at the meeting was Zaqmyo and more penguins joined in as they found me. Heres the list of penguins that attended the meeting.

Penguins that were there:

If you were there and I forgot to put your name on the list tell me your penguin name and I’ll add you too it. Here’s a review of what we did. At first several of us met up in town. After a while we went Sled Racing. I was pretty much winning the whole time. I was four sled races and Kandygal48 won one. After we were done we took a picture.
Meeting 1 - Sled Racing
After Sled Racing we left to the Ski Lodge for some Find Four. I really wasn’t doing so good in Find Four. So far Zaqmyo seems to be our current “Meet Lakilester86 Event” Find Four champion but I did manage to beat him a few times.
Meeting 1 - Find Four(1)
After we finished there, yup we took another pic. Most penguins joined our group in the middle of this part of the meeting.
Meeting 1 - Find Four(2)
Afterwards we headed to play Mancala where Zaqmyo once again displayed his skills. Also, we took another pic. 😀
Meeting 1 - Mancala
Meeting 1 - Mancala(2)
After Mancala we came to the conclusion of the meeting where even more penguins joined in. Even Chewitdude joined in, lol.
Meeting 1 - Iceburg
Meeting 1 - Ice Burg(2)
Meeting 1 - Ice Burg(3)
Despite it being our first meeting, I have to say that it went well. Let’s hope that the next meeting we have is just a good a success as this one.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!


The are fireworks on Club Penguin this week to celebrate two holidays. Canada Day(July 1st; The creators of Club Penguin live in Canada) and July 4th(US Holiday). Anyone that lives outside of North America most likely does not understand these holidays but its still nice that Club Penguin takes a little change for these holidays. If you haven’t seen the fireworks look at the animation below.

July 4th Fireworks

Feel free to use the animation above but please give credit.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Rockhopper Departs!

Well Rockhopper has left Club Penguin. I don’t know why but since the Pirate Party he’s only been staying for one week when it should be two. Anyway heres a picture of him leaving from the telescope.

Rockhopper Leaving

The post card catalog has a little update with three new cards. One is an Aloha card. The second is a “Great Surfing” card. And the last is an Invite Card to Club Penguin’s newest opened area, the Cove.

Post Card Update

The game, Catching Waves also had an update and now features a new game mode called Survival. In it, you must try to survive surfing in the middle of a harsh storm along the borders of Club Penguin while dodging sheets of ice.

Survival Mode

Also if you didn’t notice the sea creatures are going crazy because of the storm and a crab cracked to glass wall of the pool and now the pool is leaking. If you haven’t seen it look at the animation below.


Feel free to use the animation above but please give credit. Or…I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Just kidding but please do give credit if you use.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Quick update!

My site will now feature Club Penguin info instead of just Chewit’s forum info. Also the meet me page will be gone for a while. Want your site on out blogroll leave a comment on this post saying so.

The Penguin Times – Issue 89

The newspaper was out today and told us:
Extreme Surfers tell us that conditions of surfing are dangerous.
Penguins report about the dangerous weather.
There’s gonna be a water party soon; July 13th – July 18th.
The featured game is Puffle Round Up located in the Pet Shop.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters and Tour Guides.
The Tips and Secrets is telling us to fall of our carts in Cart Surfer.
There are some comics, poems and jokes out.

Upcoming Events:

June 29th:
>> New Posts Cards
>> Surf new waves at the cove.
>> Rockhopper departs.

July 6th:
>> New Clothing Catalogue
>> New Pin hidden

July 13:
>>Town wide party

July 20th:
>> New furniture catalogue
>> New Pin

Remember: The 1,000,000 views party tommorow. Hope you come!

Until next time! Keep waddling!

From http://chewittt.wordpress.com

Party Time!

Hey everyone ❗

Today I recieved 1,000,000 views on my blog 🙂 Because of this I will hold a 1,000,000 views party ❗
I hope you can all come and I will try and add you all as buddies and lets hope this party is going to be a great success 😀 I will open my igloo 15 minutes before the party so if you don’t see my igloo on the map then you might be a bit early. My buddies will be able to come early though.
This is my party invitation:
Party Invitation

If you can’t see what it says above this is what it says:

Date: Friday 29th June 2007
Time: 11:00AM Penguin Standard Time
Server: Mittens
Where in CP: Chewitt’s Igloo
Why: Chewitt has 1,000,000 views on his site!

This is my igloo for the 1,000,000 Views Party. I told this late so it would be a suprise. I have been going on different servers all week so no one would be able to look at the igloo 😉 If you look at the lamps in my igloo you will see a special message…!!!
My Igloo for the party.

My 1,000,000 Views party has finished.
It was a great party and once again loads of people came. I added as much buddies as I could, sorry to all those who couldn’t make my buddy list but many of you did. There were even loads of people on bribble! My computer went really slow because of everyone in my igloo!!! Before I opened my igloo many people in were in my party were waiting in the Snow Forts. Even I couldn’t get in there but my friend Pete993 took a picture of it. Click to enlarge it.
People waiting for me to open my igloo.
We did many things in my igloo such as dancing, sitting down on the couches, nubbing party, running away from a massive crowd and much, much more! We also moved around CP for my party. We went sled racing and played Find Four, I decided to go into my igloo after that then I found out that it was full. I couldn’t get into my own igloo 😆 But in the end I managed to get in. It was a crazy party and as usual I got crowded too much though it wasn’t as good as my other parties 🙄
These are some pictures of the party:
1,000,000 Views Party Pics
Click to enlarge ❗

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

From http://chewittt.wordpress.com

Forum Problem!

I’m sure that we’ve all been experiancing an ongoing problem with the forum apparently closing down or being disconnected so much lately. Well I’ve done some investigation and it seems that the servers at Eamped were getting so full that they’ve been closing down their forums to try and upgrade the server. The problem should be cleared by June 20, 2007. If it’s not we might have to upgrade to new forum software which means we might have to start over. Lets hope that we don’t have that problem. Anyway the servers will be bigger which means will have less downtime. Sounds pretty good to me.

Until next time! Keep waddling!

You have been invited!

You have been invited to the first party of the Chewit Club Penguin Forums! Now time for the party details. The party will take place in Smario64’s(Lakilester86) igloo. On the bottom floor you have the pool and on the top floor you have the dance area. You can probably guess that the party has a theme about summer and dance. Heres your invitation.

Party Invite

Until Saturday! Keep Waddling!

Forum Party #1 – Riddle

Welcome to the post of the first forum party. We’re not gonna tell you what it’s about or when it is. That’s for you to figure out by solving this riddle.

Start with Friday the first,
Head three down from there.
Head one to the right,
But don’t give it a glare.
Head down from there,
And six to the side.
Head up two,
and take a slide.
Go all the way straight,
To the right.
And your on the date,
That we will party all night.

Hope you can figure the riddle out, ;). Do not ask me for the answer/date. The answer/date will be announced on Sunday night. Have fun figuring this out for the week end. Also to let you know. You’ll need a calender for this. If you figure out the answer, DO NOT post it anywhere. You’ll be ruining the riddle for everyone. Let people try to figure it out on there own.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!

Chewit Red Band Page

We now have a new page for the Chewit Red Band. Even though It has the same information from the forums it will be changed throughout it’s lifespan. Check it out if you want and comment.

Mr Peckle is leaving!

I’m not happy to say this but the forum comedian Mr Peckle is leaving and that is sad to me. He currently has a poll and is suggesting that if he gets 10 votes to stay that we will stay on the forums. Let’s all try to get our forum comedian to stay but supporting us in this topic.
Mr Peckle’s Topic

I hope that you all can vote yes so that we may keep our comedian and friend. One more thing. If Mr Peckle leaves then we might lose him in the band. If he can try and stay in the band then that would be nice. Lets support him and help him stay on our forums. Mr Peckle forum comedian and drummer of the Chewit Red Band.

Until next time! Keep waddling!

Saturday Update!(Rules, Band, Smileys, Jr Mods)

his Saturday afternoon, the forums will be closed down till sunday for a quick update. This update will include updated rules. The band forum will have new topic features including the band being able to play at your parties and more will follow. The Club Penguin styled smileys will return after a problem happened with them last week. We’ve been working about on Jr. Moderators this week and by next week you will have the chance to become one. This will be a quick update. No exceptions though for being closed down. We will be closed Saturday afternoon(US Time/Night English Time) till Sunday morning(US/Afternoon English Time).

Until next time! Keep waddling!

Forum Contest #2 – Igloos(Results)

The results are in and the winner of the contest is…well actually we have three winning igloo designs that will be combined into an awsome igloo.

The winning igloos are…*Mr Peckle and Smithboy12 start drumroll*

1. Padel
2. Pete993
3. Padel

Congradulation to Padel for having two winnings igloos and congradulations to Pete993 for also winning this weeks contest.

Until next time! Keep waddling!

Back from Sunday’s Update!

Welcome back from the update. We now have usergroups and new ranks! I will show you the rank chart later on in the week but now onto more news. I’m sorry to say but there was a problem with the smiley system during the update and for now we will be back at the default smileys or the ones we had at the beginning. The CP styled smileys will return in next weekends update. We know have three new forums. Usergroups, Moderators, and Chewit Band. No one thats not a moderator should be able to get into the moderators den. If you can please be honest and PM me saying that you can. Hope you enjoy the update dispite the fact that the Club Penguin smileys are gone. Well see ya.

Until next time! Keep waddling!

Congradulations Chewit Dude!

Congradulations Chewit! You have won the Penguin Choice Awards! Let us know if you’ll ever have a party for your victory. For those of you who never even knew what the Penguin Choice Awards were just go to the Penguin Choice Awards. It was Chewit Dude and Pink Mafias in the final round and Chewit came out on top. Congradulations Chewit Dude! Enjoy your victory. It shows that you truly are penguin supreme.

Waddle On!

Forum Contest #2 – Igloo’s!

The second forum contest has started. More details at http://chewitscpforums.eamped.com/post2549.html#2549

Hope you enter the contest. The contest ends June 6th. If you win your design will be featured in an upcomming Igloo Party.

Waddle On!

Sunday Brings an update!(Usergroups, Ranks, Jr. Moderators)

On Sunday, May 27, 2007, the forums will be closed off for an update. This update will bring Usergroups or clubs, the Ranks from the contest will be added and people can sign up to become a Jr. Moderator. Hope you will all enjoy the update. The forums will exactly close on Saturday at 10:00 Penguin Standard Time. Anyway Enjoy your time before the update!

Waddle On!

The Chewit Club Penguin Forums Chatbox!

The Chewit Club Penguin Forum’s now has it’s own chatbox. The link is http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=29942. The link will also be in the Blogroll. Remember the sames rules apply as Chewit’s Bribble and if you need a refresher here they are:

To start chatting, firstly you have to put in your name, then you write any other information if you want then press send then you can start chatting! A password is only needed if you are a Mod/Operator for my chatbox, so don’t put in a password and don’t click the operator button! (Or you cant get in)


Do not swear
Do not cuss
Do not spam
Do not be racist
Do not come to this chatbox just to advertise
No Double Accounts – Pick a name (preferably your penguin name) and stick with it.
No impersonating
Do not be mean
Do not ask to be a mod

Rules for Moderators:

You do not need to hide your status
Same rules as the rules above
You may talk in any colour
Only kick the people who chat if they do the things above
Do not unban anyone. I am the only one who can unban people.
It is two kicks then a ban – If you get banned I will unban if you PM me on the forums or email me an sorry letter telling me what you did and why. Then I will check with the person who banned you and if your ok you will be unbanned. If you don’t send an email you won’t be unbanned till the next upcomming Saturday.

How to be a mod:

Do not ask to be one
You must be a good member of the forums
You must obey the rules above
You must visit the forums and the chatbox often

Moderators may be demodded often to make rooms for new Moderators but you will get your status back after a while.

Waddle On!

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