Penguin Style – December 07′

Hey all, Lakitu here. Goo Mad has seem to forgotten to post this so its here late. Sorry bout that. 😆
The new and last clothing catalog for this year is out. Here’s what available:

New Items:
Victorian Jacket(650)
Victorian Dress(600)
Stocking Cap(200)
Long Johns(350)
Purple Suede Jacket(700)

Old Items:
Elf Hat(150)
Elf Suit(350)
Elf Shoes(170)

There is only one new background out. Christmas Tree background. The rest are older ones. The new pin is in the Coffee Shop. The Heart and Skull emotes have been removed and replaced with several new emotes including: Popcorn(E+O), Strawberry Ice Cream(E+Q), Chocolate Ice Cream(E+W), =/(E+H), Cake(E+K), Light Bulb(E+B).

Until next time! Keep unwrapping!


Yellow Puffle

 Goo Mad here,

Yes The legendary yellow puffle has mysteriously made its way to Club Penguin in November and is now new edition to the puffle adoption catalog. Its been a myth for too long and is finally made and is a part of Club Penguin. Apart from the weird picture on the cover of the catalog the puffle is pretty cool. Its known to be artistic, spontaneous and loves painting. The puffle unfortunately for non-members is members-only and is 800 coins. This exotic creature has yellow fur, blue tongue and is chaotic. The new Puffle Furniture Catalog is also out and consist of a new Yellow house. Heres a pic of what The Yellow Puffle looks like (copyright):

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Thanks for visiting the blog. We are sure to provide a safe and harmless blog for all Club Penguin Lovers. Enjoy your weekend and your puffles and get pumped for Decembers Coins for Change Donation on December 14th!!!

-Goo Mad

The Penguin Times – Issue 111

The newspaper is out and here’s what’s inside:
Yellow Puffles have been revealed to have a liking to all things related to Art. Penguins have been able to train Yellow Puffles and they will be available for regular penguins to adopt on November 30.
The Western Party is over and penguins return to their regular lives with new/old items.
The Featured Game is Bean Counters.
This holiday season NHI will be donating 1 million dollars to 3 important causes. Start saving those coins and donate from December 14 to the 24th.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Pink Viking Helmet and the Cheering Penguins in Sled Racing.
Tips and Secrets talks about hidden items in the Clothing Catalog.

Upcoming Events:
Nov 30:
>>New pet furniture catalog

Dec 7:
>>New clothing catalog
>>New pin hidden

Dec 14:
>>New furniture catalog
>>Coins for Change begins

Dec 21:
>>Christmas Party begins
>>New pin hidden

Link to Newspaper: The Penguin Times – Issue 111

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

Western Party is back!

Well the Western Party(Most forgotten party in Club Penguin history) won the poll and came back. Every single item and decoration came back.(besides the pin) It really shows how much the parties weren’t decorated back then. Well enough of that lets head down onto the items. The main attraction is back and is in the Plaza. This item is known as the Bandana. No, not the Pirate Bandana, not Puffle Bandana, but THE Bandana. A neck item. There are also two backgrounds available. One is in the Dock and the other in the Forest. The pin is at the Cove at the top of the Haystack.(Needle in the Haystack) The only new decorations are pretty much for the newest rooms. I will have pictures up later. This is all for now!

Notice: The CPRPT is officially closed. I’m too busy lately and cannot run it anymore. I will hopefully make a public group in the future.

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

The Stage

Hi guys,

Many of you have been wondering where have I been? Well I am having some computer problems and cant spend alot of time on it. I am happy to be an admin here but I really need some more time. Its difficult to fit all these jobs in around 15 mins. I am currently working on fixing this problem and have been on more often recently. I enjoy being here, the forums and the chatbox but I need more time Anyway, Club Penguin has made a stage where the construction was. Its a whole space play and it has a script and costumes. It is very cool and you have a bigger stage then the one your band peforms on. I think it was an ok idea and think it has cool props. You have many seats to watch from and it has a cool theme. Here are the prices for the costumes:

Space Helmet- 500 coins

Orange and Purple Space Suits- 700 coins

Robot Helmet- 300 coins

Robot Suit- 800 coins

Alien Mask- 300 coins

Alien Suit- 600 coins

Directors Hat- 250 coins

ALSO: If you click the puffles at the top of the stage and what like a second the yellow puffle will appear on the right balconyy!!! I suggest you check it out for yourself because it is really cool. Well if you wanna be lazy and not see it yourself click here:

Have fun and enjoy the weekend, Goo Mad

The Penguin Times – Issue 109

Hey all, Lakitu Dude here!
The newspaper came out today and heres whats inside:
The recent Theatre Construction Project will be finished by tommarow, November 16.
Yellow Puffle rumors are getting closer to being confirmed. The Penguin Times writers head out into the wild in search of these creatures. More on this next week.
Rockhopper’s stay will be extended to the weekend and he will depart on Monday.
The featured game is Cart Surfer.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Alien Antenna and Old Player Card Backgrounds.
The secret this week is about the Construction/Mining Hat’s Dance.

Upcoming events:
Nov 16:
>> Plaza construction complete
>> New furniture catalog
>> Igloo catalog update

Nov 23:
>> Surprise Party begins
>> New pin hidden

Nov 30:
>> New puffle furniture catalog

Dec 7:
>> Clothing catalog
>> New pin hidden

If you want to be lazy and not go on Club Penguin for the newspaper:
Click this link

Until next time! Keep Waddling!
Lakitu Dude

I’m back!

We’ll I had a week off from school and I wasn’t at home so I didn’t keep up with the Club Penguin updates. Once I got home my internet was out and I just got it repaired today. I will be starting up again with CP updates. For those who don’t know yet, since BRIBBLE chatboxes are closing down the link to my NEW chat is below:
Lakitu Dude’s Chatbox
I will be hiring my old moderators again. Also the rules are still the same and apply.
This is all for now. I will probably be closing the CPRPT soon and making a new group. Don’t send emails or anything for CPRPT as signups are closed for now.
More to come soon! Cya soon!

Until next time! Keep gobbling(turkey sound)!
Lakitu Dude